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For over 180 years, the world's oldest Greek letter social and secret fraternity, The Kappa Alpha Society, has influenced North American university culture, leading to a proliferation of Greek letter fraternities. Throughout the years, many fraternities have come and gone, many have prospered, but none which can rival the record of KA.

The VOO Chapter, at the University of Western Ontario, was formally established on January 13, 1948. Since then, it has continued the Society's remarkable success with an assembly of diverse men, leading the Chapter through its 64th year of existence.

Kappa Alpha has always been immensely popular with Western's student body, and can boast being a part of many a great man's life. From John P. Labatt to James B. Collip (co-discoverer of insulin) to our current active chapter, the list of our members' accomplishments could fill volumes.

Why not discover what makes our Society something so many are proud of? Why not add your name to our list?

To contact the Kappa Alpha Society, please call us at 226.980.5373 or drop by 132 John St.

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The gentlemen of KA in VOO would like to invite you to following events we have planned for 2012!

There are no longer open events for 2012

Events for Kaps

November 16th, 2012
- KA VOO 65th Reunion Anniversary Weekend!

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